Dr. Jim Grier, Distinguished Professor of Philosophical Theology at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, MI, addressed church leaders at a Woodside Bible Church seminar on Saturday, October 25.  The seminar was ‘Truth, Certainty and Missional Ministry in a Postmodern Context‘ and contained two presentations: “The Epistemic Quandary: Certainty, Certitude, Assurance, Reasonable Doubt” and “Missional Ministry in a Postmodern Context: Enacting the Mission of God.”  The second session was well worth the price of admission and an early Saturday morning wake-up call.  His assertion that the church is a “people sent on a mission by God” functions both as foundational to his understanding of the church’s purpose in the world and frames his “Missional Ministry Enactment”.  To listen to or download the seminar sessions and notes, visit the seminar page.