“Love begets a likeness between the mind loving and the object beloved….. A mind filled with a love of Christ crucified … will be changed into his image and likeness.”

~ John Owen, The Holy Spirit

In conclusion of the series (and hopefully not the fighting of sin!), we have heard a call from our guides to deepen our knowledge of what Christ accomplished in salvation, that true repentance is turning from sin and to Christ, that fighting sin is a continual necessity and that there is a mean streak to the Christian life that focuses on the sinful deeds of our own flesh.  However, Owen reminds us that all is for naught in the fight against sin if there is no love for Christ.  Ultimately, loving Christ will help us fight sin on a daily basis, not because it will simply help us defeat temptation, but because it will actually change us more and more into Christ’s “image and likeness”… an image and likeness that was holy, sinless and one that glorified and still glorifies God every single moment. Owen leaves us to think about the question Pastor Dan Cummings used to ask, “What do you love?”