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After yesterday’s sermon by Pastor Brent from Mark 1, I went to the gospels this morning to see Jesus’ call of the first disciples (Matthew 4, Luke 5, Mark 1) and to hear His words again. I was helped by both the sermon and by one commentators conclusion.

Grant Osborne, Matthew:

“Mark and Matthew say the first four disciples surrendered both occupation and family, and Luke 5:11 says they ‘left everything’ to follow Christ. The problem today is so many want to give Christ virtually a “tithe” of their life, that is, one-tenth to him and 90 percent for themselves. Jesus makes it clear that such will not do. ‘No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God’ (Luke 9:62). As [Don] Hagner says, ‘The call of God through Jesus is sovereign and absolute in its authority; the response of those who are called is to be both immediate and absolute, involving a complete break with old loyalties.’ This will look different for each of us; but the truth is the same. Everything we hold back from God will hamper the quality of our life and keep us from realizing our true potential for him.”

The immediacy and the surrender will look different for different men, women and families, but the truth is the same.  Discipleship for Jesus was a total, radical surrender.

Five Points Community Church is hosting Andrew Peterson on October 20th @ 7pm. Counting Stars is Andrew’s 6th studio album release. You can listen to samples and download the album here

Passion’s 2010 album, Awakening, is an excellent worship album.  A Mighty Fortress by Christy Nockels is one of my favorite songs on Awakening. Christy writes:

“Every generation will inevitably struggle with the same question, “what is truth?” Songs are a beautifully simple way to engage people with Truth, that is, what is certain, real and everlasting. When we worship it is imperative to set before our minds and our hearts the attributes of God…His character, His grace and His mercy. This is why His word so powerfully leads us in worship! When we practice this, we set ourselves up to respond appropriately in His presence. The idea and the heart around “A Mighty Fortress” is just that…to renew our minds of who God is and then respond with all eyes and hearts set on Him. We live in a cold, unpredictable world, but it is wonderfully alarming and freeing to sing Truth when all around us is crumbling. This song proclaims that we have protection and take refuge in God and His kingdom is an unshakable kingdom, one in which we will someday reign victorious because of Christ!

When I write and lead songs, often I imagine and picture a “generation” grasping who God is and responding to Him inside of and in spite of the current circumstances of our world and our surroundings. This song was written with a heart to support and cradle that kind of powerful revelation and response…”

Listen, look and worship!

Our church, Five Points Community Church in Auburn Hills, MI, will be hosting Andrew Peterson in concert on October 20th at 7pm.  We are aiming this evening as an outreach to our community and through you to your neighbors as we press on in our vision of seeing the nations and our neighbors pursue their joy in Christ alone.  Andrew is a gifted singer/songwriter and his music is Spirit-led, Christ-centered and God-exalting.  We hope you can attend this time of worship and we ask you to use it as an opportunity to invite your friends and neighbors to hear the gospel in song and to see that Five Points is all about the glory of God in Jesus Christ.

Due to the public nature of the event and our prayers that God will bring many into the church that evening, we have asked all ministries to be a part of this event instead of meeting as they are normally scheduled on Wednesday evenings. Tickets are $5/person or $20/family and can be purchased ahead of time through the office or at the door the evening of the event.  The building will open at 6pm, and while you may have not heard of Andrew Peterson before, he is quite well-known in the Christian music industry, so plan on arriving early.

We ask that you would pray alongside church leadership as we seek above all else to see God glorified through the proclamation of the gospel in both word and song October 20th.  Pray that God would bring salvation to households in our communities and that the body of Christ would be greatly encouraged as we worship our great Savior.

If you have any questions about this outreach event, please contact the church office at 248-373-1381.