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Christmas music begins playing at our house about two seconds after October ends. Now I’m no Scrooge about it, but if our iPod is going to be burning up the holiday playlists for a couple months, I like to add some new music to the mix. So about two seconds after October ends, I excitedly begin to look for newly released albums or older ones that I haven’t come across in previous searches. As Advent means “coming”, the best holiday music not only helps you celebrate Christ’s birth, but helps you anticipate Christ’s return as well. I hope these albums both lead you and your families into greater joy that God sent His Son to save His people from their sins and builds your expectation for His coming again. For one day, Jesus will put death’s dark shadows to flight once and for all!

Must-Have Advent Albums:

Behold The Lamb Of God, Andrew Peterson

Glory In The Highest, Shane & Shane

Advent – Vol. 1, The Brilliance

Glory In The Highest, Chris Tomlin

Advent Songs, Sojourn


Our Favorite New Advent Albums:

A Day Of Glory (Songs for Christmas), Austin Stone Community Church

Glad Tidings – Christmas Songs Vol. 4, Folk Angel

We Have A Savior, Hillsong

Advent – Vol. 2, The Brilliance


Other Favorite Advent Albums:

Oh For Joy, David Crowder*Band

Christmas Songs and Headed Home and Comfort & Joy, Folk Angel

Advent Christmas EP, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, Future of Forestry

On The Incarnation, Daniel Renstrom

Over The Hills And Everywhere, Seabird

A Child Is Born, Sojourn