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“The first and foremost duty of every theologian is to let the image of God’s self-revelation in the Scriptures reflect itself as fully and clearly as possible in his or her own mind and life.”

~ Richard Gamble, The Whole Counsel Of God, Vol. 1, 24


“He [Satan] would have us think that we’re better off without God, that our best interests are served by pursuing our own desires and enlarging our liberty from anything that would restrict us from fulfilling those desires.  But Satan was lying on that day when he deceived Adam and Eve, and he is still lying.  Satan intends our enslavement, not our freedom.  He doesn’t intend to enhance our lives; he intends to hasten our death… Our ears need to be saturated with the Bible and our minds shaped by the worldview the Bible creates, so that we will recognize the lie when it’s whispered softly and sweetly in our ear.”

~Michael Lawrence, Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church, 134