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“Be always at it, cease not a day from this work; be killing sin or it will  be killing you.  He who ceases from this duty lets go all endeavors after holiness…  Sin will not die, unless it be constantly weakened. Spare it, and it will heal its wounds and recover its strength. We must continually watch against the operation of this principle of sin; in our duties, in our calling, in conversation, in retirement, in our straits, in our enjoyments and in all that we do. If we are negligent on any occasion, we shall suffer by it; every mistake, every neglect is perilous.”

~ John Owen, Works, Vol. 3

In our fighting of sin, we not only need to grow in the knowledge of the gospel of the grace of Jesus Christ and to know that repetance requires both a turning away and a turning to, but also that the fight against sin is a continuous activity.  Most people know it is a necessity, but we must also realize it is a continual necessity… “cease not a day from this work.”  Our culture and the busyness of our lives seem to choke out any striving towards the constant killing of sin.  It is not that we don’t ever kill sin, but that we don’t do it unceasingly.  So how does Owen encourage us instead of shaming us? He says neglecting to kill sin is disastrous… it is no small matter!  He holds out two options: kill sin or be killed.  And I do not believe he overstates the matter one iota.