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The following is the closing of Pastor Dan’s first sermon in his first preaching series at Five Points entitled, The Ten Words on Religious Affection. This sermon, The First Word on Religious Affection: No God But God, was preached on December 14, 1997. You can find the sermons here:

“The Christian, when he comes to die, even the bad [frowning providences in life] is good. Does that mean that when you go to the doctor and the biopsy comes back and it’s not a favorable thing that you go running around cheering, “Yay! Yay! I have cancer!”? No. When that biopsy doesn’t come back well and you’re laying in that hospital room, in the depths of it, what God do you believe in? This will be good in the end… What do we really believe? Where is our trust? Where do we run for our security, our help, our satisfaction, and our pleasure and our joy? Dan runs too often to the gods of this age and my guess is that you might not be a whole lot different than I am. No, we find our satisfaction and joy and pleasure in Christ and in Christ alone, the only True and Sovereign One… What God do we really believe in? We’re commanded to have no other god but God. So the questions stands: Where’s my trust and what do I believe? The gods of this age or the God of the ages?”


My review of John Piper’s A Sweet & Bitter Providence can be found on TGC Reviews.

Concluding remarks:

“This book will be a tremendous resource for the church, especially in a small group setting. I agree with the publisher’s call to “Read the book of Ruth in a new way and be inspired to take great risks for a great and sovereign God.” In reading A Sweet & Bitter Providence, the Holy Spirit not only strengthened my faith, convicted me of sin and taught me more about God’s character, it also challenged me to be a more godly father to the two precious daughters God has given me. I pray that God would enable my wife and I to raise them to be bold women like Ruth… God-trusting, strategic-planning, risk-taking, purity-pursuing, Christ-exalting women who love the sovereignty of God over all things.”

One of my professors and friends at Southern Seminary, Dr. Russ Moore, is beginning a series on the practical theology of God’s providence.  His hope is:

For the next several days, I’m going to post here on a practical theology of providence. I hope the Lord will use it to call forward some courage in your life, and mine, as we face the future.

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UPDATE: The Goal of God’s Providence, The Extent of God’s Providence, The Mystery of God’s Providence and Challenges to God’s Providence are now up on the site.